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Landlord and Investor Services

Sustainability of returns on your investments depends on multiple factor. From quality of the tenant the terms of lease agreements, how your assets performs for you depends on how balanced are these factors. In a fast changing business environment it is important to be a step ahead. From long term leases to flexible arrangements, the market has come a long way. To keep your assets in demand requires agility and at 3CA we pride ourselves in providing our investors relevant information on time to stay agile. Information which will sustain the value of your assets across your portfolio.


In today’s dynamic environment, tenant needs change fast and it is imperative to have ears on ground. And we are exactly that. Not only we keep you updated with the latest market trends we also market your assets efficiently to attract and retain the best tenants. Our marketing abilities combined with existing tenant relations ensure the least possible “down time” for your assets.


What you ask is what you get. Whether you are selling or buying real estate, you need a partner who can keep you update with real time market intelligence to reach a correct “Ask”. With a decade long history of enabling CRE transactions in both Primary and Secondary Markets we have earned a reputation of a fair and efficient transaction enabler. Our clients have immensely benefitted from investment opportunities identified and tabled by us, while assisting them along the way in identifying and liquidating underperforming assets.


Managing real estate assets effectively can make a significant contribution to your bottom line. Owners and investors measure the performance of their real estate assets through improved valuations, funds from operations, tenant retention and return on investment. We deliver innovative real estate management solutions that support these business objectives. We have the required expertise to manage various asset classes including commercial, retail, industrial and even residential on need basis.

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